Enjoy A More Open And Inviting Bathroom With Several Changes

15 July 2022
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When you enter your bathroom, you might notice that it can feel a little cramped. This kind of feeling can even happen in a large room with ample space to move around. The problem often happens because the bathroom lacks features and qualities that create an open feeling.

Luckily, you can solve this problem through strategic remodeling. You can work with bathroom remodelers to add features and change existing ones to make the room more inviting.

Shower Door

When you have a shower curtain or frosted shower door, you might notice that the entire shower can feel closed off from the rest of the room. While you can open the shower curtain for a temporary solution, you might be most interested in a reliable and permanent solution.

This kind of solution is achieved by replacing the frosted shower door or shower curtain with a clear glass shower door. You can take it further by opting for a frameless shower door. These two changes will allow you to see the entire shower from anywhere in the bathroom. Seeing more of the bathroom makes the space appear larger, making it feel more open than before.


Adding new windows will help the bathroom feel open. Depending on the bathroom's location, you might get enough privacy outside to install clear glass windows. An alternative is to install frosted windows to guarantee privacy and still boost natural lighting for the bathroom. You can skip the frosted glass without sacrificing privacy by installing small windows on the upper walls.


When you live in a one-story home, you can add skylights to the bathroom. This feature makes it possible to see the sun, sky, and clouds while maintaining complete privacy. You will get a ton of natural light throughout the day, especially around midday when the sun is overhead.

While planning the addition, you can decide whether you want vented ones. You can open vented skylights to allow fresh air into the room, improving the room's overall feel.


A clever way to make your bathroom more open and inviting is by replacing the mirror with a larger one. Mirrors can reflect light and make rooms appear larger than they are. So, you can make your bathroom look and feel larger and brighter by increasing the vanity mirror's size. An option worth considering is covering the entire vanity wall in a mirror to maximize the effect.

Make your bathroom more open and inviting with strategic remodeling; reach out to a company like All american Tile & remodeling by Ry Brooks to learn more.