Do You Need To Hire Professionals For Kitchen Granite Countertop Installation?

15 November 2021
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Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials among homeowners.  But this isn't surprising considering the natural stone is highly durable, resistant to scratches, aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and perfect for DIY maintenance. 

If you're considering installing granite countertops to enjoy these benefits, you may wonder whether to handle the installation yourself or hire professional remodeling contractors to do it.  Check out these three reasons why kitchen granite counter installation should be left to the experts.

The Installation Process Can be Complicated

Installing kitchen granite countertops can be challenging for someone who isn't an expert. Preparing the space for installation may involve wall demolition and removing the tile backsplash. This can leave you with sheetrock or drywall repairs to do. 

Moreover, a 'dry install' is required. This is like a trial run to see if your slabs are flush and level against the wall without attaching them for real. Since granite slabs are extra-heavy, you may need several helping hands for this. And during the actual installation, the slabs will need proper adjustment to fit in and additional reinforcement, so the stone doesn't crack under its weight. 

Instead of sweating through all these details, why not hire professionals to handle the work while you read up on how to maintain your new countertops?

Pros Have the Needed Tools

Before you think about installing kitchen granite countertops, consider whether you have all the needed tools and materials for the job. These include power saws, levels, angle grinders, scribing tools, diamond blades, drills, and seam setters, just to mention a few. Without these tools, it may be impossible to complete a quality installation. 

And, even if you have the tools or know someone you can borrow from, there is the issue of misapplication. For example, you should utilize the tools to accurately measure your space and the slabs; otherwise, you'll end up with countertops that don't fit. Overall, if you don't have the tools or the knowledge to use them, you should hire experts as they have everything needed to complete the project to perfection. 

Save Time

A lot of work is involved in kitchen granite countertop installation. Some of it includes cutting, measuring, polishing, sanding, and sealing. Without experience, chances are you'll have to consult how-to-guides and DIY videos every step of the way. And even then, there is no guarantee you'll complete a quality installation, so you may have to redo the project. 

With professionals, there is no second-guessing. They'll complete the installation within the shortest time possible, so you can get your kitchen back and enjoy the newly installed countertops. 

For more information on granite countertops installation, contact a professional near you.