Kitchen Cabinet Design Features for Contemporary Makeovers With a Modern Look

13 April 2021
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When it is time to makeover your kitchen, cabinets are important. They make up a lot of the features in your kitchen. You may want to use the cabinets to makeover your kitchen with a more modern design. The following kitchen cabinet design features will help you makeover your home with a contemporary style:


The finishes of the cabinets are where you want to begin. Finishes can have natural tones or modern colors for a more contemporary look in your kitchen. Options for the finishes of the cabinets in the kitchen include:

  • Natural wood veneers with vertical grains
  • Composite veneers with solid colors
  • Painted finishes with bright colors

The finishes of modern cabinets should create contrast with other features in your kitchen.


Cabinets need to have the hardware to be able to open drawers and doors. With a modern kitchen design, you want the hardware to be less visible and sleek. A few ideas for the hardware on your cabinets include:

  • Hidden hinges
  • Handle grooves instead of hardware
  • Straight polished metal handles

The hardware in modern kitchen cabinet designs can be hidden out of sight. This will give the cabinets clean lines and less clutter for a minimalist style. Any hardware that is installed on the face of cabinets should follow the same lines to create a uniform and clean look.

Unit Sizes and Styles

The size and style of individual cabinet units are also important. You may want to use different size units for narrow spaces or recessed cabinets. In addition to the size of the cabinets, you also want to consider options for styles. The units can have straight lines and sharp edges, or you may want to ask about beveled edges and other features.

Extra Features

You can also have extra features added to the design when installing new cabinets. These may be custom standalone pieces, shelves, and other features. Extra features that you may want to talk to your cabinet service about include:

  • Pantry cabinet doors
  • Mobile kitchen island
  • Custom standalone pieces

The extra features can be a great way to add more contemporary design details to your kitchen. Many of the extra furniture pieces can be custom-built to match the cabinet design.

The cabinets in your kitchen can do a lot of contemporary features if you are doing an open-concept design. Contact a kitchen cabinet service to discuss some of these options for a more modern design.