Want To Remodel Your Kitchen For A Growing Family? 3 Features That Can Come In Handy

2 September 2016
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Some kitchens are designed to perfectly accommodate a certain number of people. Yours might be ideal for three to four people based on its size and features. But, if your family is growing and you intend on staying in the home for many years to come, you'll need a more accommodating kitchen. A remodel is an ideal solution to add the right improvements.

Expanded Cabinetry

One of the things that people run out of in the kitchen is storage space. The cabinets are used for pots, pans, dinnerware, mugs, and more, but they are also used to store food that overflows a small pantry. Maybe you do not even have a pantry, which can lead to extreme crowding in the cabinets. The easiest place to put in extra cabinetry is above the cabinets that are already in place. Build up to the ceiling and use the top cabinets for things that you do not use often. Keep a stepstool nearby for when you do need to access those cabinets. You can also use kitchen items you have to determine the space that you need and then build extra shelves to optimize storage.

Additional Oven

If you are often waiting for one dish to come out of the oven so you can put the next one in, then you should consider adding another oven. This will eliminate the problems you encounter when you need to cook several things in the oven, but only having one that has to be set at a specific temperature can lead to uneven cooking or baking. So, a second oven will give you extra space and additional flexibility with cooking. If you are having trouble with arrangement ideas, you can mount them into the wall or put them next to each other.

Built-In Microwave

One of the easiest way for kids to prepare a hot meal is by using the microwave. It is a low-risk cooking method because it does not require turning on the stovetop or oven. So, when you have several children who will be old enough to use a microwave on their own in the near future, a microwave will give them a reliable way to prepare some meals without your help when you are busy. Opt for a built-in microwave to clear up counter space.

Work with a remodeling contractor to help you plan a kitchen remodel that will meet your growing family's needs.