Soundproofing The Bathroom

24 August 2016
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An unpleasant and pervasive problem in some homes is bathroom noise. Maybe the door isn't solid or the walls are thin. Whatever the reason, being able to hear someone use the bathroom in the living room or even dining room can be embarrassing. Fortunately, you can find several practical solutions for this issue.


Many bathrooms are not sound-proofed because the expense of doing so can add more to construction costs than you want to invest. However, having your contractor take measures during construction is certainly less expensive than doing it later. However, you may be able to add blown-in insulation to your walls. Doing so will help muffle the noise.


Your bathroom doors are probably hollow. As a result, sound easily travels through them. If you replace them with solid doors, much of your sound problem will be cured, particularly if you fit the new doors correctly. Of course, even your existing doors can be improved by taking care of excess space at the bottom of them. You can add a door threshold that will close much of the gap, or you can add a door sweep that will serve a similar function. You need a small opening at the bottom of the door for circulation purposes, but it should be approximately an inch.

Toilet Room

If you are building a new home, consider adding a toilet room to the master bath. By isolating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom, you allow other people to use the sink and other facilities without having to hear intimate body functions. Also, the noise will be less likely to travel to other areas of your home.

The Walls

Another simple way to reduce the noise problem is to add another layer of drywall to the existing layer. You can then seal the joints with acoustic caulk. You'll lose a bit of space during the process, but you should gain a much quieter bathroom. Even if you have limited DIY skills, you may be able to handle this project yourself. Otherwise, you can find a contractor who should take care of it for a reasonable cost.

Having a poorly built or badly insulated bathroom can cause you daily embarrassment, even among your family members. When you have guests, the problem is much worse. You can fix the problem with a little effort and planning. After the project is done, everyone in your home will have more privacy. For assistance with renovating your bathroom, contact a company like Personal Touch Kitchens, Inc.