Why Your Bathroom May Be the Most Important Room in the House

29 January 2016
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Some people argue that the kitchen is the most important room in your residence, but when you actually figure the time you spend in the bathroom, it has to take first place. You can avoid just about every other room in the morning, but a working bathroom is essential. For several reasons, you should consider investing in making your bathroom comfortable and attractive.


Due to pressing hygiene concerns, you will be in the bathroom for a significant period of time each day. Since you have to be in there anyway, it's important to make the room a pleasant place. For some people, taking a long, hot bath or shower may be the most relaxing thing they get to do all day. A deep bathtub and a powerful showerhead can provide the oasis you need to regroup so you can face the world again. For parents, the bathroom may provide the only place where they can retreat behind a locked door. A dingy, falling-apart bathroom is not only inconvenient, it can set a negative tone for your entire day. Plus, other people are going to see your bathroom and judge you for it. Having an attractive, fresh-looking bathroom removes stress from your life on many different levels. 


If you are planning to move at some point in the near future, having a good bathroom can make or break a sale. According to experts, the master bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms most important to potential home buyers. When you remodel, you should focus on making the bathroom look great through color and tile and not go broke spending money on high-end accessories that many people will not appreciate. You should spend money to provide a little luxury, however. One popular addition is heated floor mats. If you live in a cold climate, you would be thankful for these items every day during the winter. Prospective buyers will not forget them, either. For under a thousand dollars, you can install them and enjoy them right up to your move. 

Your bathroom needs to be an attractive place where you can relax while taking care of your hygiene routine. If you have to face cracking tile and stained fixtures every day, your mood is going to reflect that experience. You can make your bathroom a sanctuary with just a few upgrades in fixtures and paint. In addition, remodeling this "most important" room makes selling your home easier. If you want to improve your life, create a comfortable bathroom. 

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