Feel Comfortable With Your Parents Moving In With Home Remodeling Services

6 September 2017
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When you go to your parents' house, you may notice that they have certain features to help them get around and stay safe. You may not have these features in your own home, which can make it difficult to invite your parents to stay over for an extended period. Wanting them to move in makes such features even more important because you want to make sure that they are always safe and comfortable. Read More 

Design And Build An Energy-Efficient Sunroom In Your House

30 January 2017
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A sunroom is a great addition to any residence. A sunroom (also called a solarium or a garden room) can be attached or integrated into your home to allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscape while still being sheltered from the weather. A sunroom is designed to showcase and use the light and heat of the sun, so it is often used in passive solar building designs. If you wish to include this technology into your new sunroom, it is important to hire a building contractor with experience in building structures that capture and store solar energy to heat, cool, or light your home when the sun is not available. Read More