Follow These Tips To Remodel Your Bathroom Faster

5 September 2023
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How long does it take to remodel a bathroom? Ask most contractors this question, and they'll generally respond, "It depends." They are not lying! There are many factors that affect how long a bathroom remodel will take. Here are some tips you can follow to limit the time that your bathroom remodeling project takes.

Don't move the tub, sink, or toilet.

If at all possible, try to leave your tub, sink, and toilet in place. You can replace these items and choose ones with completely different styles but don't move them. If you were to move these items, your remodeler would need to have a plumber come move the pipes or add new pipes. If you leave all of these items in the same places, you probably won't need to hire and wait for a plumber.

Use one kind of tile all around.

There are a lot of surfaces in the bathroom that are typically tiled. The bathroom floor, shower walls, and backsplash are examples. Try to design your bathroom so that the same tile can be used in all or most spaces. This way, your remodeling contractor can lay all of the tile at once. They only have to set up the tile saw once, mix one batch of grout, and so forth.

Choose a vanity with lots of storage.

If you choose a vanity with lots of storage, you will not need as many additional shelves, storage units, and other storage accessories. The fewer of these you need installed, the faster your remodel can proceed. A vanity that's a little larger or that contains more drawers does not take much more time to install than one that is smaller or less equipped for storage.

Don't touch the doors or windows.

The doors and windows are other elements that your remodeling contractor may have to hire outside contractors to help with. So, unless these items are badly damaged, don't plan on replacing them as a part of your bathroom remodeling project. It is much faster to have your remodeling team apply a new coat of paint to your existing door and window frames. You can also explore other little upgrades like a UV-blocking window tint or better drapes.

If you follow the tips above, your bathroom remodeling project should be completed a lot faster. Before long, you can shower and get ready for the day in your bright, new bathroom.  

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