Turn Your New Bathroom Into A Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece

26 April 2023
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Are you looking for a fun, unique decorative style for your updated bathroom? Then look no further than mid-century modern. What does a mid-century modern bathroom look like? How can you make it your own? Here's a short guide to deploying this timeless classic in the bathroom. 

What Is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-century modern style is a retro-futuristic design that grew out of the post-World War II years. While it originally looked to the future for inspiration, modern variations look to both the throwback styles of the mid-century as well as its desire for a future with an integrated natural and artificial world. 

This design style varies widely, but it features a few common elements. These include an emphasis on clean lines, interesting angles, and a minimalist design. 

As far as the color palettes go, you'll find muted, soft, earthy colors which harmonize with mid-century modern's desire to intertwine the indoors and outdoors. But pops of color bring visual interest. 

Finally, feel free to mix your materials and aesthetic elements. Mix wood grains with metallic pieces. Add retro materials like fiberglass, vinyl, and plastic with natural organic ones like wood and glass. 

How Can You Use It in the Bathroom?

How might you create your own mid-century modern bathroom? Start with a palette based on a limited number of understated natural hues. Incorporate specific other colors carefully later on in the process. 

Pare down what you place in your bathroom for a minimalist look and feel. In addition to a few actual fixtures and decor items, this also means a clean, minimalist look to each one. Remember those long lines and empty spaces. 

Then, look for fun ways to mix your materials. Try gold hardware with a vintage wood sideboard as a vanity. Or combine a minimalist brass frame with a modern mirror. Place a 50s vinyl chair alongside wood paneling. Let your imagination run with ideas. 

Finally, bring the indoors and outdoors together. This is harder to accomplish in the bathroom, but it can be done. A large window or skylight is a great place to begin. Add living greenery on minimalist shelving. Make your pops of color an earthy shade of green or blue. Or combine natural stone with industrial-inspired subway tile.

Where Can You Start?

If you still aren't sure how to create a cohesive, successful mid-century modern bathroom, get help from a professional. Meet with an experienced home remodeling service in your area today.