Tips For Selecting Shower Wall Tile For Your Upcoming Bathroom Renovation

29 December 2022
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Tiling a large shower requires a relatively significant investment in wall tile. Not only is tile pricey, but it can't be easily changed if you choose wrong. Select a lousy combination of tiles, and you will spend the next decade shaking your head and wishing you'd chosen differently. Choose the tile correctly, and you'll smile every time you shower. 

To ensure your new shower wall tile keeps you smiling, follow each of these selection tips.

Stick with a Combination of One Pattern Tile and One Plain Tile

Homeowners frequently make two mistakes when choosing the wall tile for a shower:

  1. Buying one plain tile, which makes the shower look boring
  2. Buying two patterned tiles, which makes the shower look too busy

The best choice for shower walls or bathtub surrounds is to select one patterned tile and a complementary plain tile. You can't go wrong if the plain and patterned tiles complement each other in color and texture. 

For example, if you want a patterned shower wall that makes a statement, then use the patterned tile on the walls and accent them with a shampoo niche and shower chair made of plain tile. 

Alternatively, if you want a plainer shower, use the plain tile for the field and the patterned tiles for the accents.

Consider Large Wall Tiles for the Main Shower Tiles

Large wall tiles are currently en vogue for showers and ideal for use in areas where the tile will come into frequent contact with water. Large tiles don't require as much grout, so they are more waterproof than small tiles. In addition, large wall tiles are much faster to install, reducing their installation cost.

Test Out the Tile with Samples Before Ordering

Lastly, before ordering the shower wall tile for your bathroom renovation, buy some sample tiles and put them on the shower wall. Stand back, look at the tile, and ask yourself:

  • Does it still look great now that the tile is in your bathroom with different lighting? 
  • Do you like the way it looks in the bathroom? 
  • Do you like the way different tiles go together?

Just as you can love paint in the hardware store and hate it in your house, so can you find beautiful tiles but then discover they don't look right in your bathroom. Testing sample tiles is the way to avoid this. The alternative is ordering all the tile and hoping you like it in your bathroom.

To learn more about shower wall tiles, reach out to a supplier near you.