Does Your Landscape Look Sick? Signs It May Be Time For A Renovation

13 October 2022
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A beautiful and attractive landscape will enhance the beauty of your home and increase the value of your home and property. Likewise, a landscape that lacks attractiveness can distract from the beauty of your home. If your landscape looks sick or no longer works for how you wish to use it, it may be time for a renovation.

Your shrubs have a ratty or thinning appearance

If you notice gaps or scraggly sections in the structure of your shrubbery, it may be time to think about replacing them. Evergreens, such as boxwoods, may begin to die off if you have had them for a long period of time or if they become diseased. Once they begin to break down it can be difficult to save them and when they begin to deteriorate in appearance, it can affect the look of your entire landscape.

Your ornamental trees are no longer performing well

There are usually subtle signs to look for when ornamental trees stop performing as expected. For instance, if you notice your dogwood trees are not blooming like they once did or you notice dying branches, it can be a sign something is wrong. Trees that become infected with pests may begin to show these subtle signs months before they die.

You have empty spaces

There are several reasons you may now have empty spaces in your landscape. For families with grown children, you may have gotten rid of outdoor play equipment, such as swings, sandboxes, etc., when the kids moved away. Perhaps you no longer entertain as much as you did in the past and you have downsized the outdoor furniture and equipment you once used.

Renovating your landscape can help you fill in those empty spaces with soft and hardscaping elements that suit your new lifestyle. For instance, you may want to add a small flower garden or miniature pond to your backyard to add interest and beauty to your outdoor space if your focus is on simply enjoying your outdoor space rather than entertaining.

If you still have the same landscape that was there when you purchased your home many years ago, it may be time for a renovation. In time, certain landscape elements may begin to break down due to extreme weather conditions or normal wear and tear. You also may want to consider a renovation if your lifestyle has changed, and your current outdoor space no longer works for your needs. For more information, contact a company like PENINSULA DECKS AND PATIOS, LLC.