Moving Into Your Late Parent's Home? 5 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer

21 September 2022
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Have you inherited a home from your parent, grandparent, or another loved one? If so, they've left you a valuable legacy. But moving into the home of a late family member is also challenging. And one of your best resources is a skilled interior designer. Why should you invest in a professional interior designer at this time? Here are a few of the best reasons. 

1. To Be an Independent Eye. First and foremost, a professional designer serves as an independent third party with no memories connected to this home. They can see it in ways that may be impossible for someone connected to the structure and its history. They may be able to help you see potential in things like removing walls, changing space usage, or laying down new floors. 

2. To Honor Memories. While you want to make your parents' home your own, most heirs also want to retain the good memories it holds. An interior designer can help you identify ways to do this within budget constraints and without excluding your personal style. They may help you find certain furniture or artistic items to keep and how to integrate them. 

3. To Overcome Obstacles. Does the house have certain structural or design challenges you aren't sure how to solve? Is it small, does it have strange angles, or are some of the architectural styles outdated? The reason to work with a professional in any field is to get experienced, skilled opinions for solving problems. 

4. To Integrate Your Things. Whether you want to bring in your existing furnishings or you'll be buying new furniture for your new home, how will it all fit? What if you want to—or need to—keep a number of your parents' pieces? And what if you just don't know how to properly decorate a home? Avoid letting it become a mish-mash of different styles by working with someone who can merge even the most disparate decor elements. 

5. To Help You Get Through It. If you dread the job of physically transforming your beloved parent's house into your own, a professional is a great help. Designers have worked with all sorts of homeowners in all kinds of situations. They'll help you stay on task, avoid going down sentimental rabbit holes, navigate family issues, and get past your own emotional hindrances. 

Where to Start

Could you use the assistance of a qualified residential interior designer as you take over your loved one's house? If so, start by consulting with a trained professional in your area today. They'll make this time both physically and emotionally easier for everyone. 

Contact a local interior designer to learn more.