Add A Coffee Station To Your Remodeled Kitchen

6 May 2022
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If you're an avid coffee drinker, there's a good chance that you have a coffee maker somewhere on your kitchen counter and a selection of coffee-related products situated nearby. While this scenario is common, it's not the only option. If you're planning to hire a contractor who will remodel your kitchen, now is a good time to think about adding a dedicated coffee station. This area can end up being one of your favorite spots in the room, and can impress your guests when you entertain them. Here are some ideas to consider for a coffee station.

Open Shelving

Instead of taking up valuable countertop space for your coffee maker, consider having your kitchen contractor install some open shelving in an area that suits you. You can use this space to hold your coffee maker — and if you have additional coffee machines, such as an espresso maker, you can store these devices here, too. You'll want the shelving to be low enough that it's easy to reach. The goal of this idea is to leave the coffee maker in place while you brew your coffee, rather than pull it out to set it up on the counter.

Built-In Wall Faucet

Instead of filling a container with water from the sink faucet and then carrying the water over to your coffee station to use in your machine, it can be handy to have a built-in water source in this area. Talk to your contractor about adding a built-in wall faucet in the open shelving area. There are all sorts of low-profile faucets that can sit against the wall and then swing out when you need water. This feature will not only save you time and effort whenever you're brewing a pot of coffee, but can also give the coffee station a modern and high-end look.

Ample Storage

You'll also want your new coffee station to have ample storage space. There are lots of different ways that your contractor can add storage so that you have room for cups, saucers, coffee accessories, and even coffee pods. For example, you might favor a cabinet above the open shelving that has glass doors and provides lots of storage space. Having some small, recessed LED light fixtures in this area can provide a stylish glow in your kitchen that helps to make your coffee station a focal point. Look for a local kitchen contractor to discuss these and other ideas. A business like X W Kitchen & Bath has more information.