4 Reasons Why Modern Homeowners Are Choosing Kitchen Granite Countertop Installation

19 April 2022
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There is no denying the facts – Granite is a sought-after countertop material. But this isn't surprising. Granite is a natural stone and one of the hardest counter materials in the world. And that's not all. Below are other major reasons why many people are choosing kitchen granite countertop installation. 

Granite Is Incredibly Durable

The hard nature of granite makes it highly durable. Once installed, your countertop will be stain, scratch, and heat resistant. In fact, the only way it will chip or crack is if you smash it with a sharp meat cleaver or knife. Normal kitchen work like making dough or chopping onions on a chopping board can be done on the counter just fine.

Regarding heat resistance, your granite countertop won't develop any issues when you place hot pans on top of it.

Affordable Price Without Compromising on Quality

When some people hear a product has a low price, they think there is something wrong with its quality. But this isn't the case with granite. Generally, you will spend about $40- $60 per square foot of granite. Marble, another common countertop material, usually costs around $75 to $250. And although granite is cheaper, it's stronger and harder than marble. 

If your budget is exceedingly tight, you can also enjoy the benefits of granite by installing granite tiles on your counter instead of the actual stone. This reduces the overall price even further. 

When discussing the affordability of granite, it's also worth noting that most granite counters last 100 years (some even longer!), so it's an overall good investment. 

Form-Fitting Installations

Most countertop materials are difficult to install. Because of the limitations of these materials, they may not fit your existing kitchen architecture. For example, when wood countertops are cut, they tend to develop rough pits and edges, which may be a big problem during installation. 

Granite is different. As long as you hire a remodeling contractor with the right tools, they will be able to cut through the material smoothly. This allows your granite countertops to be customized to any shape or size you want. 

Aesthetic Beauty

Many people choose kitchen granite counter installation due to the natural elegance and beauty of the material. It comes in various colors, from forest green to deep orange-red to jet back with silver star-like specks. 

Also, since it's a natural stone, all the slabs are unique. Sure, you may come across several slabs with similar colors, but upon closer look, you'll see that they vary in lightness, pattern, or veining. Therefore, you'll be installing a countertop surface that's utterly unique to your home. 

Contact a contractor if you have questions about choosing countertops or need help with other residential home remodeling decisions.