The Modern Kitchen Remodeling Guide To Open-Concept And Minimalist Design

7 April 2021
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If you are ready to begin renovating your kitchen, there are a lot of modern remodeling designs that you may be thinking about. Today, there are options for open-concept and minimalist designs that can give your home the modern style you want. The following remodeling guide will help you with these features:

Open Up the Main Living Space of Your Home

The space of your home is going to need to be opened up when remodeling your kitchen. This is something that may involve removing walls in the kitchen and making changes to other areas. Things that can be done to open up the main living space include:

  • Removing all the walls in the kitchen and living room areas
  • Taking advantage of roof slopes for high, sloped custom ceilings
  • Replacing closets and pantries with open cabinets or shelving units

Opening up the kitchen and main living space helps to make your home feel more spacious, but it can also help with a minimalist design, to remove clutter.

Remove Features That Clutter Space  

There are also various features that can clutter the space in your kitchen design. Some of the clutter in the kitchen and main living space that you may want to remove includes:

  • Replacing trim molding with square trim or finished corners  
  • Removing columns that have busy trim
  • Using windows without grids and solid cabinet glass features

The features like moldings and details can often be too much for a minimalist design.

Use Cabinets That Have A Minimalist Design

The cabinets are another area where you will want to consider options for a more modern design. Today, there are options for minimalist cabinetry designs, including:

  • Using cabinet fronts with clean finishes
  • Removing hardware or use minimalist hardware that is less visible
  • Choosing finishes that contrast to brighten the space and make it feel open

The cabinets can have clean lines and less visible hardware to give your kitchen a cleaner, minimalist style.

Lighting and Finishing Touches to Complete the Design

The lighting is another area where you want to consider different options to give your kitchen a modern design. Options that you can use for lighting when remodeling your kitchen include:

  • Adding skylights and larger windows
  • Using bright colors to reflect natural light
  • Adding hanging fixtures that have a minimalist design

The lighting can include natural light and modern light fixtures that are less visible to complement the minimalist design.

The kitchen design can have a lot of modern features that will give you more from an investment in remodeling. Contact a remodeling service for custom kitchen remodeling, and talk to them about these options to give your home an open-concept, minimalist, and modern design.