3 Ways To Create Smart Storage With Customized Kitchen Cabinets

15 January 2021
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Storage is a major concern in most homeowners' kitchens. Small appliances, pantry items, and dishware must all be housed within your kitchen cabinets in order to maintain a clean and sleek aesthetic.

If your cabinets are not designed correctly, you may find that some of your stored items can be difficult to access. Investing in custom cabinets will allow you to create smart storage space without compromising style.

1. Add Rotation

One of the best ways to make items in a large cabinet more accessible is to invest in custom cabinetry complete with a turntable. Custom turntables can feature multiple tiers of varying heights to accommodate your unique kitchen items.

Since the turntable spins freely, you can transfer items from the backs of your cabinets to the fronts for easy access whenever the need arises. Turntables are a great choice for corner cabinets or large overhead cabinets with a lot of depth.

2. Go Vertical

If you look at any traditional kitchen cabinets, you will see that the shelf dividers are installed horizontally. While this orientation makes sense in some situations, investing in custom cabinets with vertical dividers can be extremely beneficial for many homeowners.

Vertical dividers are especially helpful in the cabinets where you plan to store your baking sheets, cake pans, and serving platters.

Keeping these kitchen items in their dedicated vertical storage slots allows you to quickly and easily locate the dish you need without having to remove a tower of bakeware in the process.

3. Switch to Drawers

More and more homeowners are making the choice to get rid of lower cabinets in their kitchens and have drawers installed instead. Custom drawers can be created to accommodate any kitchen item you need to store.

Both shallow and deep drawers, as well as drawers of varying widths, can serve modern homeowners well. It's easy to examine the entire contents of a drawer simultaneously. Cabinets cannot offer complete visibility of all stored items at a glance.

Making the switch to drawers in your kitchen will make it easier to locate and return the exact items needed for your cooking or baking activities.

Custom cabinets provide you with the opportunity to personalize your kitchen space. You can utilize custom cabinet construction to help improve the way you store your dishware, utensils, and other kitchen items in the future. Create smart storage by incorporating turntables, vertical dividers, and drawers into your custom cabinet design.

To learn more, contact a cabinet supplier.