How To Paint Better Lines On Drywall

13 December 2016
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Updating the style of your kitchen is easier than you think. Often, the cheapest and most effective remodels are the most effective. For instance, simply repainting your kitchen walls with dramatically change the look of the entire room. Not only will it change the color of your walls, it will also create a new dynamic contrast with other style elements and colors within your home. For instances, a new paint color could make your kitchen cabinets and appliances look brighter and fresher. Perhaps the best thing about painting interior walls is that it is such basic labor. The hardest part of the job is creating straight lines along the edges and corners of your walls. This article explains how to get the best lines when painting on interior drywall.

Using the Right Painter's Tape

First of all, you want to use the right type of painters tape. If you have glossy drywall, look for a painters tape that is particularly made for high-gloss surfaces. However, even if you have the right tape, you need to fortify it if you want perfectly clean lines. Usually, if you rely solely on the tape on a drywall surface, the paint will leak underneath it, leaving behind a splotchy line.

Adding Spackling Paste

There is a simple way to prevent a splotchy line by using lightweight spackling paste. Basically, you apply the tape to the wall as you normally would. Then, you rub the spackling paste over the line of the tape. The trick is to rub it on very thinly with just your fingers. If you wear latex gloves, your fingers won't dry out and hurt. You basically rub the speckling paste onto the wall and then rub it off. The spackling paste that fills in the gaps underneath the tape will stay on the wall and dry. Then, when you go to paint over the tape, the gaps where the paint would usually seep will already be blocked by the paste. When you pull the tape away, you will have a much cleaner and more impressive line.

This extra step will definitely add a few hours to your paint project. However, if you want your job to look professional, you should really focus on getting the straight lines possible. Painting the edges is definitely the hardest part and the most vital step when it comes to cleanliness and style of your paint job.

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