Remodeling Your Master Bath? Get A Storage Unit For A Few Months Until You Are Finished

24 August 2016
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After getting home from a long work day, you want to be able to relax at home. This could mean jumping on the computer to play games, watching television, or taking a bath. But, your master bath may not be equipped to the extent of being able to provide you with a thoroughly relaxing experience. It is at this point that you may decide to do some major bathroom remodeling, especially if you intend on staying in the home for a long time. Renting a storage unit will be helpful until the project is completed.


Some people have closets in the hallways that allow them to store towels, but you may have most of your storage solutions in the master bath. So, when you are going through a complete renovation, you may need to clear everything out of the room, including the towels that are normally there. If you do not have room for these towels in your other bathrooms, you should just put them in storage. Similar to blankets, the best thing to do is keep them clean and minimize space consumption by using vacuum bags. This will keep dust and critters from being able to access the towels, and it will help you get a small storage unit.


When working on a major project, you do not want clutter in the area. So, it is best to remove the toilet, even when it is just temporary, as it will give you more room. Toilets are typically made of porcelain, so this is the material that you should focus on when it comes to storage. Porcelain is a fairly resilient material, which is why it is so commonly used to make toilets. Using a homemade cleaner made of borax, white vinegar, and essential oils, you can get rid of any grime your toilet may have.


While a toilet can get in the way, a tub will cause the same issue, but even worse due to its size. So, before you start working on projects, you should move out the bathtub into a storage unit. It may require you to get help from a friend or even just hire someone to take it out for you, but it is a smart decision. If you have a plastic tub, moving it should be fine aside from its bulkiness as it will weigh around 60 to 70 pounds.

Using a storage unit will keep your home clutter-free and make the project workspace very roomy. For more information, contact local professionals like RA Cooks Renovations.