4 Tips That Will Make Installing Fiber Cement Home Siding Easy

23 August 2016
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Need new siding for your home? Know that fiber cement home siding can be a great choice for finishing a home's exterior. The material resists insects, fire, and water damage, making it very durable. When performing a siding installation on your own, here are some tips that will make the installation go smoothly when using fiber cement home siding materials.

Cut the Material Safely

When cutting fiber cement home siding, you should be concerned about all the dust that is created in the process. Fiber cement home siding will generate a lot of dust when cut, and it is definitely something you want to avoid breathing in or getting into your eyes. Always use safety glasses and a dust mask to limit your exposure to the dust.

Consider using a saw that has a system that collects dust in the air as it cuts. It can significantly reduce the mess that you will make during the installation process. If your current saw doesn't do that, there are fan systems you can rent that will remove as much dust from the cutting area as possible.

Leave Space for Caulk Joints

The installation process for fiber cement home siding is a bit different from other siding materials. During the installation, you'll need to leave small gaps for caulk joints. This will be crucial in places like the corners around windows. Make sure you leave enough room for the caulk, or you will not be able to form a good seal later on. It also helps to install metal flashing to reduce the possibility of leaks.

Use the Correct Nails for Fastening

Selecting the correct nails for fastening the siding is important. When securing the siding with a hammer, use galvanized nails. When using an automatic nail gun, ring-shanked nails made out of stainless steel will work best. Ensure that the nails are flush with your siding, as opposed to being driven deep into the boards. The latter can cause damage to your siding material.

Repair Paint Damage Once the Installation Is Finished

It's common for fiber cement home siding to come painted, but the painted finish can become damaged while installing it. Once the siding is completely installed, plan to paint any scratches that formed in the process. It's a small detail, but it will be the finishing touch that will make your siding look perfect after the installation.

Does this seem like it would be too difficult for you to do on your own? Reach out to a local siding contractor that can perform the entire installation for you.