Creating Your Own Backyard Patio? Get Ceramic Tile For The Flooring

17 April 2016
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Improving or adding to your home without professional assistance is a great way to stay under a tight budget, learn valuable skills, and be proud of what you accomplish in the end. While you may want to leave electrical and plumbing work to the pros, you can certainly create your own backyard patio. The foundation for such a project is the flooring that you put underneath, in which ceramic tile works well. After taking measurements for where you plan on creating your patio, the next step is ordering tile.

Design Options Are Nearly Endless

The floor sets the stage for how the entire space looks, so design is rather essential. Fortunately, ceramic tile provides you with an almost unlimited number of opportunities for unique tile looks. Altering colors from dark to light is one option, while getting tiles that are made to look like wood is another possibility. If ease of installation and budget are top priorities, you can just get basic tiles that get the job done.

Preparation Is Straightforward

If you do not already have a concrete base to work with, that is the first thing you need to create. Next, you have to choose the flooring, which in this case is ceramic flooring. The following step is creating an adhesive, which you will use to make sure the tile sticks to the concrete base. It mainly involves mixing water and thinset powder into a bucket until it feels like frosting and is enough for the whole project.

Renting Tools Is Easy

When creating a patio, you have the option to buy tools or rent them. For budget purposes, you should avoid buying them, especially if you only intend on using the tools for the current project and nothing else. Some tools that you will need include an electric drill and power saw. If you already have a concrete base, you will want to rent a pressure washer to clean the surface for a strong adhesive application.

Among the flooring options for a backyard patio, tile is quite affordable at $12 to $20 per square foot, only surpassing that of cheap wood and concrete. Freeze tolerance, slip-resistance, and reasonable pricing are a few benefits that make ceramic tile an outstanding choice for this outdoor project. Although creating a patio may seem like a tall task, it mainly involves carefully following instructions. After installing the flooring, you only need to shop for furniture to start enjoying the space.