4 Awesome Custom Features To Add To Your Home Renovations

16 February 2016
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When you choose to do custom renovations to your home, there are many things that you may want to consider, such as custom features like ceilings, archways and other architectural details. Some of the custom designs that you may want to consider can easily be installed in your home with premanufactured kits for an awesome look. Here are some awesome design ideas to consider for your next home renovation project:

1. Give A Wine Cellar An Authentic Look With A Catalan Vault

If you want to have a great look for the ceilings in your home, you may want to consider something a little different. If you have a wine cellar or large pantry, you may want to consider a Catalan vault, which is an authentic ceiling used in the wine regions of the Southern Pyrenees. It is a low-type of arch ceiling with slow graduating curves.  

2. Add A Tray Ceiling With Curves, Arch And Dome Designs

Tray ceilings can be another great custom design to add to your renovations. These can be many different types of tray designs, which include several tiers, arches and curved designs. When you have a tray ceiling trimmed, this can be a great place to add ambient and indirect lighting solutions to your home.

3. Giving Hallways And Entrances Barrel Ceiling Designs

Hallways are another area where you may want to consider improvements and custom designs. Barrel ceilings can be a great feature to add to these areas of your home. It can be a good way to hide imperfections, as well as to do improvements and upgrades to the mechanical systems and hide things like wires and pipes installed above the ceiling.

4. Using Prefabricated Kits To Create Custom Wall Finishes And Niches

There are also many different prefabricated kits that you can use to decorate the walls, create things like custom niches, or give a fireplace a custom shape. These kits can include curves and arches to give your new renovations and elegant finish. This can be a great solution in a bathroom, where you may want to have niches for storage, as well as curved designs for things like steps to a bathtub or shower wall.

These are some awesome ideas that you may want to consider for your next home renovation project. If you are ready to give your home a makeover, contact a building materials supplier, such as Nisbet Brower, to get the prefabricated products to give your renovations some of these awesome features.