How To Resurface Your Kitchen Table

14 December 2015
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Many people love the look of a wooden kitchen table as it ages and develops its own unique finish. This is bound to happen on your kitchen table because it gets so much use. While natural aging can definitely make your kitchen table more stylish and unique, you need to prevent the wood from getting too worn. You don't want your wood to get to the point that it loses its protective finish. The end result can be rotting within the wood, which can compromise the very structure of the table top. This article explains how to resurface a kitchen table top with a clear coat that will protect and preserve the aged look.


The first step in refinishing a table top is sanding it in preparation of adding the clear coat. You should adequately cover the floor beneath your table to protect against sawdust. Better yet, move the table outside while you are working on it so you aren't vacuuming up sawdust for weeks after. If you are trying to preserve the existing fading, dinging and scratches that make the surface look antique, you will still need to do a little sanding. The key is to just sand as lightly as possible with extra fine sandpaper. This will make the surface more conducive to the new stain. Since you are only lightly sanding the table, you should probably do it by hand instead of using a power sander. That way you will not over sand the surface and remove all of the nice effects that are making it look antique.

Use a Clear Antique Stain

You will be able to choose from a variety of different antique stains. These are clear coats, but they are specially formulated to look more natural and rustic. Usually, they won't dry with a high sheen. The lower sheen antique stains basically preserve the surface underneath and add a light poutine. This exaggerates the fading of the wood without looking fake or over-the-top.

Applying the stain is quite easy. It is easier than painting because you don't need to use a brush. as long as you have rubber gloves (like dishwashing gloves) you can just spread the stain onto the surface with rag. First, mix the stain very thoroughly and then dip the rag into the bucket. Spread the stain well and make sure to wipe away any pools before they dry up.

This project will not take too much time or money, but it is the best way to preserve an antique kitchen table finish.  

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