To Replace Or To Reface Your Cabinets? 3 Things You Should Consider First

20 August 2015
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When you decide to remodel your kitchen, you're faced with a lot of choices. Not only do you have to choose your style, your materials and your contractor, you have to browse for new furniture and select new decor. The sheer number of decisions that have to be made before the first swing of the hammer can be overwhelming. The decision that has perhaps the most impact on the end result is the decision to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets. If you're even entertaining the idea of refacing your cabinets, there are a few things you should consider first.


First, you have to consider whether or not it's even feasible to reface your existing cabinets. For it to work, you have to be happy with the current layout of your kitchen and the amount of cupboard space you have. If you're dissatisfied with either, this option is not for you. Next, you must consider the condition of your cabinets. If yours are made from pressed wood and are warped, bubbled or falling apart, you can't reface them. However, if you have solid wood cabinets that are in great condition, it may be an option for you. 


A cabinet refacing project takes approximately 2 to 4 days to complete and costs an average of just a little over $6,600. The cost for replacing your cabinets with stock cabinets, the pre-assembled type that you pick up at your local home improvement store, is approximately $4,000 to $5,000 for a small kitchen. Semi-custom options cost anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000, whereas custom cabinets can cost up to $20,000. As you can see, the cost for refacing your existing cabinets is much more reasonable. This is especially true if you can only afford stock or particle board cabinets but your existing cabinets are solid wood. 


If you have high-end tastes, you can still satisfy your expensive appetites with cabinet refacing. A wide range of finishing options are available, ranging from plastic and laminate veneers to real wood veneers. You can also select from a wide variety of high-end hardware. Basically, if you see your dream kitchen on a showroom floor or in a magazine, you can probably recreate the look in your home by refacing your cabinets.

There are several factors that you must consider before having your cabinets refaced. Always be sure to weigh the pros and cons of any construction project before deciding to go forward. For more information, talk to a company like 3 R's Construction Management LLC.