Three Synthetic Choices To Replace Your Worn Wood Decking

19 August 2015
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If you have an old worn out wood deck, you may want to replace the decking with synthetic materials. Many choices of materials that can give your deck the look of wood with durable materials. These can be vinyl, composites or even metal decking systems. These materials can give you a surface that will not weather as much as real wood. Here are some of the choices you may want to consider for synthetic materials:

1. Metal Decking Systems For A Long Lasting Deck

Metal decking can be one of the most durable choices you have to replace the old wood materials. There are many different types of metal decking systems, which include dry deck systems that can allow you to finish areas beneath your deck. There are also metal decking systems that have a wood grain finish on them, which can make your deck look like real wood. You will also be able to choose from a variety of different colors if you want to have a look that is a little less traditional. One thing about metal decking though, is that it can easily be scratched and dented, which may require a little maintenance, such as touching up paint.

2. Vinyl Decking Systems For An Affordable And Durable Deck

Vinyl decking is another great choice if you are going to be replacing wood. Vinyl is a very durable and affordable material. It also comes in a variety of different styles and colors. If you want your vinyl decking to last longer, you may want to treat it with a UV protective cleaner to ensure that it does not deteriorate with exposure to sunlight. There are also dry decking systems available in vinyl materials if you want to add finished space or dry storage beneath your deck.

3. Composite Decking For Durable Decks With An Attractive Wood Look

Composite decking is another great choice for replacing wood decking. It is very similar to wood decking products because it is usually available in boards and fastened the same way as treated lumber. It is also made out of timber waste from mills and recycled plastics and rubber, which makes it a great choice for green materials. You will also find different styles available, including tropical wood designs that look like real hardwoods, but can cost a lot less.

These are some of the materials that you may want to consider using to replace your wood decking. If you want an attractive and durable deck, contact a remodeling contractor to get what you need to revive your deck.