You Can't Beat Wooden Windows!

14 August 2015
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If you have been shopping for new windows, you have probably noticed that wooden windows are harder to come by. They have been replaced by modern synthetic materials like vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. While these materials certainly have their advantages, it is hard to replicate the authentic look of wood. This article explains why you should not overlook wooden windows. They are still a very viable, fun and stylish window option.

Keeping up Wooden Windows

Some people are immediately turned off by the fact that they need to repaint or stain their wooden windows over years. However, this can actually be a positive thing. You have the chance to change the finish on your window frames every time you reseal your wood.  So you can either restain your windows with different clean tint, or you can repaint them a new solid color. The fact that you can even do this is one of the main perks of wooden windows. Fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl windows cannot be professionally painted after they are installed. If you want to change the color or finish of your vinyl windows (for instance), you basically need to buy new windows. The freedom you have to update and redefine your window style is definitely a main buying perk of wood.

Wood Looks More Natural

Many homes are largely wooden structures, from the guts, to the roofline, to the sidewalls, to the trim. If you windows are wooden as well, you will be able to coordinate with thee other wooden elements. A shiny fiberglass window frame often looks out of place in a home with wooden, matte surfaces. So consider your existing wooden features when you invest in wooden windows. You can easily match your existing wooden surfaces by giving them the same stain or paint finish.

Wooden Windows Are Made in All Styles

You can find pretty much any type of wooden window: sliding, casement, bay, awning, fixed, etc. Wooden window manufacturers can custom build your windows to fit your unique fixtures. Wood might be an old fashioned material, but it is actually a very practical material for window frames. It is easy to waterproof, durable and lightweight. It can be a functional material for any window type you could imagine.

It is easy to see why many customers are still investing in wooden windows. Don't be afraid to give your home a bolder look with wood. You can't beat wooden windows! Contact a company like Another Estimate LLC for more information.