Useful Updates For Your Bathroom Vanity

4 August 2015
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Chances are, the vanity is the only piece of real furniture in your bathroom. As such, it has the potential to influence the style of the room. Due to functionality, your choice of vanity can also affect your morning routine. Update the vanity in your bathroom for both style and use:

Floating Vanity

If your bathroom feels compact, a floating vanity might be the answer. Floating vanities are attached to the wall so that the space below is left open. The openness below the vanity increases the visual space in that area. Conversely, you can fill the space with attractive baskets or bins for storing bathroom necessities.

Furniture Style Vanities

Furniture style vanities are popular because they are so useful. For instance, you can have storage built right into the cabinets. In fact, Better Homes and Gardens suggests upcycling actual furniture into a bathroom vanity. For instance, paint a media cabinet to match the bathroom, and fit it with a vessel or trough sink. The storage space inside the media cabinet make this option doubly attractive.

Double Sinks

If you have the space for two sinks, this is bound to make your morning routine mesh better with your partners'. Vanities with double sinks come in pretty much any style, from vintage to modern. When having two sinks installed, make sure they're symmetrical with equal room on either side. In fact, that's a key for integrating the sink into your routine – making sure you and your partner have equal space for toiletries.

Single Sinks

Sometimes a single sink is all you have room for. In that case, don't be afraid to give your vanity personality. For instance, if you have a beach-themed bathroom, consider a white vanity with a blue or green glass vessel sink on top. If your bathroom is vintage, consider adding glamour with the vanity. Start by painting the wood a delicate pastel, and add marble or granite on top. Install a gilt mirror above the structure for Hollywood appeal.

Other Vanities

Sometimes the best vanity is no vanity at all. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, a pedestal sink may make more sense in the space. The graceful curve of the pedestal functions like a floating vanity in that it increases visual space. However, you can also outfit the sink with a skirt to conceal storage. Another option is a wall-hung sink, which mounts directly to the wall and accesses the plumbing inside. A wall-hung sink is great for conserving space.

Just like your bathroom style helps decide the best vanity, your choice in vanity influences the style of your décor. Update to a vanity that both fits the character of your bathroom and your morning routine. Contact a company such as DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to learn more.